How To Perform In The Zone

How often do you or your athletes perform in the “the zone”? What is the zone?

The zone is simply a mental state of total focus in the present moment. We call this being “immersed” as it indicates you don’t worry about outcomes or are not distracted when you perform. You trust your skills and react without worry, doubt, or fear about results.

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Mindsets to Help Athletes Enter The Zone

Be here, now. Pick out and focus on the right performance cues to help help you stay in moment.

Stop worrying about the outcome of the competition.

Let go of what others might think about your performance; stop trying to read others’ minds.

Park distractions, from your life, that you might take into competition

Perform functionally; the opposite of trying to be perfect

Make it a goal to have fun, instead of being too serious

Narrow your focus on one simple objective when you perform

Keep it simple and avoid over thinking or analysing that’s happening

Stop judging how well you are doing on every play; get to the next play

Pick just one idea that will help you perform in the moment. If you can do this, you are closer to being in the zone!