How To Hold Your Breath For 5 Minutes In 1 month – Freediving Training

Freediving is in many ways a very safe sport, but without formal training it can be dangerous.There is no easy route to a 4+ minute breath-hold, but this guide will take you through some of the basic techniques and a training plan which could take you there.

I wish I had a secret breathing technique that could add 75% to your breath-hold, but i dont, and dont believe anyone if they say that they do! Freediving training is about adding small amounts on a regular basis until your body is conditioned to deal with the high c02 and low 02. To read the full article go to Freedive UK


First things first – Basic free diving safety! Never dive alone, always dive with an apnea and rescue trained buddy.

  • Dry training is many times safer than wet training.
  • Do not hyperventilate (see why here in the full article)
  • Always dive within your limits.
  • Take slow steps and make steady progress.

This is a six stage process and is finished off with a training table

The first thing to do is see what your dry breath-hold is right now. You need to see what you can achieve now to understand what you can get to with continued training.

  • Sit on a comfy chair or lay on a bed.
  • Breathe calmly and slowly for 2 minutes – No deeper or faster than you would normally.
  • Take a deep breath in, then exhale everything, then take a really deep breath in… as deep as you can manage.
  • As you hold your breath, relax and think of other things.
  • When you cant manage anymore take some deep inhales to recover. Always focus on your inhales and not your exhales when recovering!

How did you do?

We are going to use this time as a prediction of what you will be able to get to in one months time.

1 minute or less = 3 minutes

1:30 minutes (approx) = 4 minutes

2+ minutes = 5 minutes

You may do better, you may do worse. Some people respond to training better than others, there are no fixed rules that we can use to precisely gauge your potential but after years of instructing people how to hold their breath these numbers are a pretty good guide. But remember, it will involve training… and lots of it. Your overall fitness levels will also affect how quickly you improve. If you are quite unfit yo may find you peak early and will struggle to go beyond that point.

To read all 6 steps go to FreediveUK