How to get into Skiing

Skiing offers fun and thrills regardless of your ability, and for the more serious skier it can also demand strength and stamina. With a network of indoor snow centres and outdoor ski slopes across the UK, it’s not hard to find somewhere to give it a go.


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Why get into skiing?

Nothing beats spending a day outside having fun, getting fit and being surrounded by beautiful, snowy scenery.

Who is it for?

There are so many different types of skiing, that there is literally something for everyone.

Is there a cheap option?

Dry ski slopes and indoor snow sport centres in the UK offer equipment hire, taster sessions and lessons that can be low cost.

What if I want a proper workout?

Skiing is the perfect option, you can burn up to 500 calories an hour.

Can I take it to another level?

Try alpine racing or enter a mass participation cross country ski event abroad.

Is there a disability option?

Inclusive skiing has many variations to suit a range of disabilities.

Is there a family option?

Most ski schools will accept children from around four years of age.


Find your local centre in England,Wales or Scotland to get yourself on the slopes. The Ski Club of Northern Ireland has a useful Facebook page too. There’s also loads of information at Disability Snowsport for anyone looking for inclusive skiing.