How To Achieve Flow In Dance

The components that makes the flow, according to Csikszentmihalyi:

  • Challenge-skill balance; the task at hand presents a challenge but still meet individual’s skills.
  • Merging of action and awareness.
  • Immediate and unambiguous feedback.
  • Complete focus on the task at hand.
  • Feelings of personal control over the situation and the outcome.
  • Lack of awareness of physical needs.
  • Transformation of time or timelessness; feeling so focused on the present that you lose track of time passing.
  • Feelings of serenity; loss of self-consciousness.
  • Autotelic experience; the task has a purpose in itself. A person does it for its own sake, because it is intrinsically rewarding (in comparison to doing something to achieve external goals).

What you Need To Do

  • Set yourself a goal that’s challenging enough
  • let yourself go.
  • Eliminate possible distractions.
  • Continuous movement
  • Plan. Practice