‘How Do I Achieve This Flow State?’

Is it simply luck, or can we create circumstances for ourselves that are likely to manifest this state of being?

Pete Thomson: has worked in the sport psychology and human development fields with Fortune 500 companies, Division I,II, and III collegiate athletes, as well as high school and middle school staff and students. He was a swimming coach at the club, high school and collegiate level for 30 years. Pete now runs a private Sport Psychology and Adolescent Life Coaching practice, working with student-athletes nationwide. His life coaching sessions for adolescents are designed to create challenge, teach resilience, and instill self-esteem. To read the full article on how to get into the zone by Pete Thomson click here:

Here he outlines the list of actions to achieve Flow:


  • Find a balance between the challenge of the task, and your perceived ability to match it. This could be faster repeat times, faster intervals, better technique, or a race that your team really needs from you. The possibilities are limitless here. As long as you feel properly challenged, and believe in yourself, you will be on your way to finding flow
  • Have clear goals for the upcoming challenge. Be sure your goals are realistic, and then resolve to allow nothing to get in the way of your desirInvolve yourself fully in the task directly in front of you. This means that your thoughts, feelings, wishes, and actions are all moving in the same direction.
  •  Remember your strengths! You will go into a flow state when your highest strengths are called up in order to meet your highest challenges.
  • When we achieve this state, we call up a sense of purpose and meaning, gain self-confidence, and are ready for the next challenge. The best part is, we are now able to meet this next challenge with even greater perceptions of our ability. As Life would have it, this is what it’s all about!