Get involved in Silver Sunday Today!

The next Silver Sunday is today – 4th October 2015 and it’s shaping up to be a great day, but you can still help moving forwards. To read all about Silver Sunday click here

There are several ways you can get involved, from hosting an event, volunteering your time or simply attending an activity in your area. Regardless of age or ability, everyone can join in and make Silver Sunday a success.

How do I attend?
Take a look at all the Silver Sunday events organised so far here, where you’ll also find contact details to sign up for each.

How do I organise an event?
Hosting a Silver Sunday activity is simple. Just follow these four steps:

1. Decide on an event: Dance lessons, theatre trip, museum tour, or a coffee morning – your Silver Sunday event can be anything, anywhere, just so long as it brings older residents together. So get creative. Why not team up with a local school or college to organise an inter-generational activity, such as computer classes?

2. Find a venue: The world is your oyster! But if you’re struggling to find an appropriate location try contacting your local community centre, library or council.

3. Submit your event: Large or small, near or far, we want to hear about your Silver Sunday plans. Submit your event here and we’ll promote it on our site.

4. Get the word out: Whether it’s putting up posters, contacting your local council, promoting it online, or good old fashioned word of mouth, spreading the message will help make your Silver Sunday a success.

I don’t have time to host an event, but can I still help out?
We understand that not everyone can organise an event, but volunteers are always welcome. Our Find An Event page gives you a list of all the activities being held in your local area as well as contact information so you can get in touch with them directly.

For any other questions please email