Coronavirus: From Yoga to Barry’s Bootcamp – Best Exercise Classes On Zoom, Instagram, and YouTube

On Monday evening, the prime minister Boris Johnson announced that the UK is now in lockdown in an effort to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

Members of the public are only allowed to leave their homes under specific circumstances, one being for a single form of exercise a day.

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While this means you can go on a daily outdoor run, being in self-isolation may result in some people feeling less motivated to workout and consequently falling out of their usual fitness routine.

Several organisations have set up online workout classes that people can join from their comfort of their home, so that they can maintain their fitness and stay connected to the fitness community.

From dance to PE lessons for children, here are some of the best options around.

Yoga and Pilates

Doing yoga on a regular basis can be extremely beneficial for your flexibility, help you boost your strength and improve your overall fitness.

If you would like to practise your downward dog in your living room with the help of an instructor, you can do so by joining in CorePower Yoga’s live classes.

LV Yoga Fareham, in Portsmouth Yoga, is also offering free yoga classes, which are being live-streamed on its Facebook page.


Over the past few years, Seen On Screen has been making waves offering dancers of all levels the chance to learn routines inspired by stars including Beyoncé, Rihanna and Britney Spears.

Now, the dance studio is providing its followers with the opportunity to learn the routines at home by following live-streamed tutorials on its School of SOS Instagram page and on video chat platform Zoom.

Dance cardio studio 305 Fitness is also offering free dance fitness classes on its YouTube channel, which are being shown at 12pm ET (4pm GMT) and 6pm ET (10pm GMT).

HIIT and Cardio

Barry’s UK, the fitness studio famed for pushing its participants to the physical limit, is bringing its intense workouts to Instagram live.

 On the studio’s Instagram account, it is sharing details of the classes it is offering online, which include sessions that use your entire bodyweight and others that focus on different areas of the body.

Another option for a high intensity workout is to check out the classes being offered by Peloton.

While boxing studio Rumble may usually require apparatus such as boxing gloves and skipping ropes as part of its workouts, while people are self-isolating at home, it is offering  a variety of workout classes online.

Live-streamed on Instagram, the classes include sessions such as a boxing-inspired HIIT workout.


According to the World Health Organisation, it is advised that adults over the age of 65 should do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity on a weekly basis or approximately 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity.

While elderly persons are staying at home to protect themselves against Covid-19, it is important that they stay active and keep moving.

Exercise company Move It or Lose It, which caters for older adults, is offering live workout sessions on its Facebook page.