Clubbercise and 4 other unusual fitness classes

If you’re wanting to get fit but find the gym a bit mundane, some of these classes could be for you- we’ve talked all about Clubbercise (listed here) but below we’ve also given you some other ideas to have fun and get fit!

  • Clubbercise:A fitness class, which “feels more like a night out than a work-out.” It takes place in a darkened room with disco lights and glow-sticks, set to club classic tracks from the 90s to now.
  • Boogie Bounce: This class combines trampolining with a choreographed routine to popular music to chart topping inspiring music. It gives people an effective cardio workout, as well as focusing on bums, tums and thighs.
  • Bokwa:  is a cardio workout which blends hip-hop and step aerobics into South African-style dance. The dance steps are based on letters and numbers, not choreography. The movements are in the shape of English-language letters, for example L, J, and CT
  • Insanity: Following on from the hugely popular workout DVD, Insanity Live classes are now widely available. This high-intensity group workout uses MAX Interval Training, which alternates between maximum intensity exercises and short periods of rest.
  • Hot Yoga: Hot Yoga is a “stimulating and immersive experience” where participants practice a series of movements and postures in a specially heated room, which is designed to improve flexibility.