Beginners Guide to Tight Rope Walking

Simple Steps for Kids or Adults to Learn how to Tight Rope Walk!

  • Begin by stretching out and warming up your body.
  • Standing in one place, practice standing on one foot.
  • Keep your head up and arms out.
  • Close one eye, then the other.
  • Practice until you can balance with both eyes closed.
  • Practice walking on the chalk/taped line, head up, arms out and flexible, keep weight on the ball of your feet, and keep legs slightly bent.
  • If you begin to lose your balance, keep your head up, and try either going down to one knee, or lifting your back foot and adjusting in mid-air to balance yourself.
  • Use a broom stick or umbrella to help you keep your balance.
  • Practice turning around by turning your front foot when you step, then pivoting. “Step, then turn.” Keep your head up and eyes forward.
  • When you have practiced on the chalk/taped line for a while, you can try walking on a slack-line, set up by an adult, or on a balance beam at a gym.


  • See who can balance on one leg the longest.
  • See who can walk the farthest on the line before they lose their balance. Try again with walking the fastest.
  • to watch the video go to pbs circus