Top Ways To Show Someone You Care About Them

From receiving a cup of tea in bed to simply being asked if we’re OK, it’s often the little things that make a person feel most loved.

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Forget huge gestures – a new study has confirmed that the 50 top ways to show someone you care are all remarkably simple.

A spontaneous hug, giving a compliment and saying ‘I love you’ all feature in the top 10, proving that it’s often gestures that require the smallest effort that have the biggest impact.

However, some people do go the extra mile to show they care by sending flowers for no reason, planning a surprise trip away and undertaking a diet with someone.

Interestingly, whilst 60 per cent of people said their only motive is cheering up loved ones, 40 per cent admitted they hope their gestures would mean they got something in return later – 47 per cent of men are guilty of the latter, according to the study, compared to just 37 per cent of women.

What’s more, 38 per cent of men have even reminded someone of something kind they’ve done in the past when they want a favour.

Here’s the top 10:

1. Cooking them their favourite meal

2. Making a cup of tea without being asked

3. Asking if they’re OK

4. A spontaneous hug

5. Giving a compliment

6. Texting them to see how they are

7. Saying thank-you for something

8. Listening to them when they need to offload

9. Saying ‘I love you’ for no reason

10. Sharing your food with them

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