New Things To Do Today

It’s always fun to do something new, but often we fall into the trap of spending our weekends the same way. If you’re stuck in the same old routine, it might be time to try something new. No ideas?! Check out this list of 15 new things to do today and pick one (or more!) and try it out. Everything listed is something you can easily do no matter where you live, and even on a tight budget!

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Try Out These 15 New Things To Do Today

1. Visit a suburb in your city that you’ve never been to before, or somewhere you haven’t explored much.
2. Learn ten phrases in a new language–what about Japanese, Italian or Portuguese?
3. Listen to a genre of music you haven’t tried before–perhaps Jazz, Punk or Blues?
4. Have a picnic in your local park complete with a packed lunch and your animal friends.
5. Start a daily journal to write your thoughts in.
6. Try a new cuisine–what about French, Lebanese or Korean?
7. Visit your local library and borrow some books for the weekend.
8. Plant some flowers in your garden. If you don’t have one, try an indoor potted plant.
9. Visit a local museum or art gallery and view their latest exhibition.
10. Learn a new skill–what about sewing, gardening or cooking? You’ll be surprised what you can learn in an afternoon.
11. Say hello to a neighbor you don’t usually talk to.
12. Make a card for a friend and send it to them with a handwritten note.
13. Learn how to cook a new dish for dinner. We all get tired of eating the same thing, why not try making something new?
14. Re-read an old favorite book. Don’t leave it gathering dust on your book shelf; get it out and read it all over again.
15. Research the culture of a different country online–what about India, Guatemala or Sweden?