5 Stay-Fit Tips from Cirque du Soleil Las Vegas

1: Slow Down, Sister

“Do snail-paced, controlled reps,” says Stacey. “You’ll increase the time your muscles are working against the resistance, and speed up your results.” Try 5 counts up and 5 counts down. Resistance Band Workout: Side Plank Lift

2: Address Aches ASAP

“If I feel tension in my back or soreness in my legs, I massage it out with a foam roller or ice the muscle immediately,” says Caroline. “Letting the pain go can make you skip workouts, or worse, lead to an injury.” read when to see a sports med 

3: Be a Nut About Nutrition Labels

“Before I buy a snack, I always read the calorie and fat content,” says Caroline. “I nix it if it’s over 200 calories or has any trans-fat.” top 30 low calorie snacks

4: Nosh on This 

“We perform two shows a night, so in between I fuel up with a high-energy snack,” says Stacey. “I like fresh elk jerky—a dried, super-lean meat—because it’s low-cal, high in protein, incredibly tasty, and won’t make my belly bulge.” (buy your own at thejerkyoutlet.com) High Protein Foods

5: Use your imagination

“We’re always adding new tricks, flips, and moves that make the show more fun to watch,” says Stacy. “You can do the same thing with your workouts by constantly adding fresh exercises and routines.”