Finding “Flow” And How It Contributes To Happiness

By finding your flow activities and regularly engaging in a flow state of mind, you’re building happiness into your everyday life.

Flow is more important for overall happiness than the things we often think will make us happy, such as a vacation, nicer home, new car, winning the lottery, etc.

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Seven Steps for Finding Flow:

1. Set goals. Setting goals recognises the challenges involved in reaching the goal.
2. Understand the challenges involved. Understanding the challenges suggests the skill set required to reach your goal.
3. Develop your skill set. Part of developing your skill set is monitoring feedback.
4. Monitor feedback and adjust your efforts and goals as indicated.
5. Become immersed in the activity–focus and concentrate, ignoring distractions.
6. Engage in your flow activity on a regular basis.
7. As you progress toward your goal, think about the meaning and usefulness of the flow activity. How does the flow activity harmonise with other goals or values in your life? An important aspect of flow is that the process is just as important, or even more important, than the final product, in terms of happiness.