What is the Teams Mood Today

Its a game of 2 venues!

Venue 1 – Golf Course Team

The Team based at the golf course (Old Course, St Andrews) where the Championship starts Thursday, it is just finishing touches

Working a 13hr shift.

Everything is in order, relaxed and on schedule. Champions Challenge happening, weather brightening up, guests arrive tomorrow.

So between that team the average score was 73%!


Venue 2 – Hotel Team

Move to the Hotel team and all International guests are arriving. Many moving parts. Car pick ups, check-ins, room drops, itinerary changes, bag losses, bookings for tomorrow. Followed by Welcome Drinks, Welcome Dinner, speeches, first games, prizes, introductions, schedule changes etc.

This team is doing 18hr shifts.

The average score here is 56%


Today’s Moodscores

To be honest they are great scores considering the hard work / length of days

High – 76% (2% down)

Low – 50% (3% down)

Team Average – 63.2% (up 0.8% from yesterday and 1.9% below our yr. av. 65.1%)

Habit #5

Strengths; finding and then playing to your strengths is a real art. Many of us can go through life without every having really established them and then living by them. Each week we introduce a new VIA Strength and how to start the process - click here for more. As a business are still developing this, and we are trying – through the likes of Wondrlust – to shift the business towards our individual strengths. Collectively we work well in the industry we are in, but there is a difference between being good and enjoying. Our aim is to enjoy more, even when its tough.

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