Are we happy? we are doing pretty good

“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life the whole aim and end of human existence” – Aristotle

Today’s Moodscores

The team continue to do really well. Main deadlines were met onsite at St Andrews for opening to the public

High – 68% (same)

Low – 62% (3% up)

Team Average – 64.4% (up 1.4% from yesterday / 0.7% below our yr. av. of 65.1%)

7 habits

So we try and live true to a set of values / habits each day, to make the most of our time, and when things get tough to make us more resilient.

Although we aren’t able to follow our normal daily routine while onsite for these 2 weeks (see ref to exercise below!!), the fact we have been for a year is definitely helping the team personally, and also helps better understand the human psychology so we are better able to help our Customers.

So over the next 7 days we will highlight one of the habits a day and how we try and live by them while on site over these 2 weeks. Today is;

Habit #1

Relationships; we are a business but we build our team on friendship, and it is very important for us to create strong meaningful relationships with our Clients and their Customers.

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