Why Wondrlust

Over the next 2 weeks we will be giving a brief honest appraisal of how we as a company are doing living by our philosophy – 7 habits – and how we incorporate this into the work for our Customers.

This is our busiest and most pressurised period. I use PRESSURE deliberately rarther than stress.  Pressure we see as positive, and living by these 7 habits gives us the skills to operate in this environment successfully (or that’s the aim!)

We have been planning for The Open for 10 months, we have operation manuals of hundreds of pages going into the smallest details. We will be working in multiple locations for different customers. We will be looking after 100s of guests from over 40 countries as well as senior management.

Before and during the event we will be working 20hr days …

…So  if you are looking for a bit of a laugh, and you never know possibly a bit of insight, then have a browse at our daily. We will show you the trials and tribulations, and be open about how the company is feeling (we have a mood-tracker!), how people feel about what we are doing, and whether we are having success.

And that really is the point. Will all this lead to success for our Customers and in turn ourselves. And what will success look like?

The proof of the pudding is in the eating… (and the eating is on Instagram)

Its work – but it can be good for the soul (thats 2 habits sorted!!)