21 Empathy Statements That Put Your Prospect at Ease

Empathy Questions you can use that might help in tricky work situations

“Thank you for staying so positive.”

“You’ve been with [Company] for [# of years]. That’s a long time.”

“If I were in your position, I bet I’d have the same concerns.”

“That would be frustrating to me too.”

“I think you might find [feature, offer, or content] helpful in this situation.”

“If I can make a suggestion …”

“How can I make this process easier for you?”

“What’s the best-case scenario for your company?”

“How am I doing so far? Am I meeting your needs?”

“Is our product/service meeting your needs so far?”

“So, if I’m hearing you correctly, you’re saying …”

“I can help with that.”

“Hold on one second while I check that for you.”

“I really want to help here. Do you mind if I ask you a few more questions?”

“If I skip anything important, please stop me and let me know.”

“Here’s what I’m going to do to get this answer for you.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

“Thanks for giving me a moment of your time, [name].”

“I appreciate the points your making, but would you mind if we got back to the subject at hand?”

“Is [product/solution] is meeting your needs? How can I help?”

“I appreciate your time.”