15 Ways To Stay Focused All Day

We’ve all had days where we can’t seem to focus, asking that question too many times to count. For some of us, those days are more common than we’d like. Whether it’s fatigue, distractions, lack of motivation, or something else entirely, our inability to focus digs a hole in our productivity and, therefore, can jeopardise our chances of success.

But you don’t have to go to extremes to get focused. There are better ways.

Jessica Orwig, Lydia Ramsey / Business Insider @businessinsider Nov. 12, 2015 –  TIME.com stock health brain

Here are 15 tips that scientists have found that enhance focus.

1. Minimise multitasking

2. Meditate

3. Exercise regularly

4. Establish a to-do list

5. Try a small amount of caffeine

6. Take breaks

7. Keep work at work

8. Train your brain to focus

9. Try to find a quiet place

10. Stare at a distant object for a few minutes

11. Get a good night’s sleep

12. Work offline

13. Designate your perfect study spot

14. Embrace boredom

15. Devote specific hours to tasks