How To Get Into Flow

In order to achieve flow state, there are some common conditions that need to be met:

1. You need to care about the task at hand 2. The activity, job or task cannot be too easy or too difficult 3. Optimally, the activity should be something that you are good at. 4. Your mindset surrounding the task should be focused on the journey, not the destination. You could be an athlete focusing on the game instead of the medal, or a mountain climber focusing on the climb instead of the top view.

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Whatever your passion, think about the intrinsic factors motivating you as you tackle your task. Couple this with no interruptions, and a flow state should follow as a natural consequence of these conditions aligning.

Here are some additional things you can do to encourage your body and mind to get in the zone:

Do something you love. It goes without saying, but this is the easiest way to get into a flow state. Doing something you love can satisfy your mind’s craving for something that’s challenging but doable and something that you’re good at.

Create a ritual. As you gear up for activities that will require you to enter a state of concentration, create a series of actions that you do every single time you’re about to begin your task. This could be a meditation, a short walk, or a pot of tea. No matter your activity, it will let your brain know what’s about to begin and that you are coaxing it to be ready.

Choose your most important task. Achieving a flow state is best accomplished while focusing on one major task that requires a significant portion of brain power. Multitasking would create a web of distractions that make it impossible to achieve flow state.

Identify your peak creative and productive times. Identify the times where your mind most naturally functions at full speed. For many people, the morning after a good night’s sleep is the most productive. Focusing on the day’s main task during these times will make flow state a more achievable goal.

Eliminate distractions. Focus on creating a peaceful environment with minimal distractions around you. Store your phone away and put it on “do not disturb.” If you are working on a laptop, maybe try a website blocker. You know best the types of things that disturb you most often. Try minimizing as many of them as possible.