Why It Is Important to Maintain Relationships During Lockdown

Since the COVID-19 lockdown started, many aspects of our lives have changed. We’ve all had to adapt, balancing the various elements that come with this ‘new normal’.

It’s not been easy for many people, and some have found that it can be hard to maintain healthy relationships in lockdown.

Thankfully, despite the difficult conditions, there are plenty of things you can do to keep your relationships thriving. Whether you’re living together or apart, these small actions can make a significant difference.

Why is it important?

Our relationships, romantic or otherwise, are often a central part of our lives. As such, they can hold huge sway over our emotional and even physical wellbeing. Various studies have shown the importance of social relationships. They can have long- and short-term impacts on our health, for better and worse.

A positive relationship can help to reduce stress, encourage healthy lifestyle choices, give you a sense of purpose, and even make you live longer. So, to maintain healthy relationships in lockdown is to help take care of your and your loved ones’ physical and emotional wellbeing.