Why Did We Go Carolling?

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but for many it can also be a very difficult lonely period. In the world today $2.5 trillion is spent on antidepressants. This record attempt is to help raise awareness of these issues, bring together the local community, have fun and ultimately make people happy with a lasting legacy – if we can break the record which is why we are writing to you.

A little bit About Us – to read more go to Wondrlust.com

We recently launched ‘The Wondr Project’ where we want to create moments of extraordinary experience – peak experience. Profound moments where people feel more alive and fulfilled. And this ambition increasingly colours and influences all our work.

My name is Julian Hay and set up a business called iMedia where we create live events we hope make a difference to people’s lives. We recently set up an online magazine Wondrlust.com – where we try to better understand how to live a happy, fulfilled life.

We wanted to create something memorable for the local community that combines a live event and living a happy life. So three neighbours – myself, Graham Saltmarsh & Matt Read – thought “Carolling World Record” in the hope that whatever the outcome, this will be great fun, helps to spread a positive message, and raising awareness and some money for 2 very good causes.

Not For Profit

This event was not for profit. Its aim – to raise awareness and money for two causes close to our hearts – as we see it two sides of the same coin, This is the essence of the record attempt.