Relationships Are Human Nature

By nature we are social creatures and it makes sense that relationships are central to our happiness – the survival and evolution of the human race has depended on it!

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Indeed some eminent psychologists and biologists argue strongly that, contrary to the well-known ‘selfish-gene’ theory (i.e. that we are concerned only with the survival of our own genes), it is the survival of the group that is likely to be most successful in evolutionary terms – even if the genes of its members are unrelated.

It does seem that we are wired for relationships – think of emotions and behaviours such as love, compassion, kindness, gratitude, generosity, smiling and laughing. Or how reluctant we usually are to break bonds with people and how painful it is when we do.

Our need to feel connected to other people – to love and be loved, and to care and be cared for – is a fundamental human need. Some experts argue that the capacity to be loved, as well as to love, is the most important human strength.