Pharrell Williams Tells How He Found Purpose In His Work

Pharrell Williams attributes the genius of his international hit “Happy” to a search for meaning in his music.

“It took me a minute to find my purpose. I knew something was missing, and then I realized: OK, you’re able to make music. Now you have to inject purpose. I want to make music with something extra to it—a holistic property… The distinction between sounding amazing and feeling amazing—that’s the thing. People, I think, are looking for a feeling.”

With the world in the palm of his hands, Pharrell’s massively successful career reflects his very own words of advice.

“As I see it, you can live two ways. You can live life the way you always imagined it would play out, or you can try to make the thing you dream of making. If you choose the second, get ready for an amazing ride. That’s the ride I’m on.”

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