How To Keep Employee Morale Up In Times Of COVID-19

In this unprecedented time, keeping your employees moving indoors, meditating and engaging with each other while practicing social distancing Is very important – perhaps look at digital products like atlasGO can be a great resource for you

These are complicated times. Employees are slowly trying to figure out their new work from home situation and learning how to set boundaries while still deepening personal bonds in order to feel connected to their teams.

atlasGO has launched #flattenthecurve employee engagement challenges for companies looking for ways to:

1) Encourage employees to stay active & mindful
2) Allow employees to connect: virtual high fives, photo sharing & more
3) Send a positive message and boost company culture in this difficult time

The atlasGO mobile app lets you log your outdoor activities like walking, running or biking and indoor activities like yoga or meditation, indoor workouts and good hygiene habits like washing your hands. You can even add activities like “act of kindness” if you are able to help someone in need. Once you log the activity, you can take pictures, share them on the platform, chat and celebrate together.

That way, we can all practice social distancing while staying healthy. In these complicated times, it is extremely important as a community we prioritize taking care of our body and mind.
— Published on March 27, 2020 – Thrive Global