How To Get Into Athletics

Fancying getting into athletics? Here are some fast answers….

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Why get into athletics? Athletics offers the widest range of choice of any sport as its various disciplines provide the opportunity to throw, run or jump.

Who is it for? Everyone. The different disciplines suit different body shapes and sizes.

Is there a cheap option? As long as there is space for a race, you can practise athletics.

What if I want a proper workout? If you are looking to work up a sweat, athletics is the activity for you as each discipline requires varying degrees of strength and fitness.

Can I take it to another level? Join a club and start competing for them in your preferred events.

Is there a disability option? The various impairment categories in athletics make the activities widely accessible.

Is there a family option? Running, throwing and jumping is for everyone. Grab some props, head to the park and create your own mini athletics competition.

Where can I take part? Head over to our Activity Finder for athletics events near you.

You might want to be the next Mo Farah, or just want to get fit and see how well you can do – either way, athletics can be the sport for you.

It includes a huge variety of disciplines, so whether you want to run, jump or throw you can find an activity that suits you.

Here’s our Get Inspired guide to the main categories and more…