How Music Can Improve Your Mood

The Power of Music

Like many people, music is a huge passion of mine. I love writing and listening to music as both a creative outlet and for entertainment. I listen to music to lift my mood when I’m down, and to brighten an already radiant day.

When we connect with music it has an impact on our emotions, and is an activity where we can connect with others, revive our energy, and experience greater joy.
Think of how ubiquitous music is in the world. We play music during celebrations; it sets the stage by accompanying movies, commercials, and any entertaining event. We listen to it for motivation, comfort, to relieve stress, and as an outlet to release emotions.

It’s pretty clear that music plays an important role in many people’s lives.

Research isn’t totally clear about how people emotionally respond to music, but there is some research that shows people intentionally listen to music to regulate their mood, and that positive emotions tend to be a dominant response.

More often than not when we listen to music that we enjoy, it provides an increase in positive emotions and feelings, such as contentment, happiness, and interest.

How does music play a role in your life?

We all have a personal preference for music, and enjoy listening to music in a specific context, and with certain people. Though, regardless of these individual differences music has an impact on our emotional state.

When we feel comfortable and are listening to music we enjoy, music can set us free and open us up to experience amusement, fun, and delight.

Music brings back positive memories

Sure music can bring back troubling memories when we listen to sad music, but think of all the times when you hear a happy song and it brings you back to a remarkable moment in your past.

Maybe it was your first crush, your first date, or when you got married. We all have songs that can really brighten our day and remind us of proud and significant moments in our life

Music stimulates and arouses our nervous system

If you’re looking for a boost of energy or a pick me up, music may be just what you need. When we listen to upbeat, rhythmic music it can arouse and inspire us to be more productive and enthusiastic. Music can be revitalizing and get us to take action, keep us alert, and maintain a cheerful attitude.

Music brings people together

When we want to share good times and celebrate, music is often involved. Music helps people come together and embrace the moment by rejoicing and having fun. When we see other people having a good time it can be contagious and provide a shared emotional experience.

Music can also help us develop a greater connection and increase a sense of love and affection.

Music is a fabric of the human species and is part of every culture from indigenous tribes to the most industrial nations. Whatever the reason may be, music touches our souls and uplifts our spirit.