Can You Have A Perpetually Positive State Of Mind?

The Health Benefits Of A Perpetually Positive State of Mind

In an article published on CNN, Dr. Chopra goes on to explain  that it’s difficult to constantly think positive thoughts. Thinking takes time and energy. Rather, he proposes that patients try to reach a peaceful state of mind. A more relaxed state of being can deliver many of the same benefits as that of positive thinking. Reaching a state of peacefulness can be a lifelong search for which people can strive, and it is this that can help prevent illnesses and help to heal the afflicted patient. To read the full article go to: Wellescent


The opinions on positive thinking and its role in medical treatment are varied. Methods such as meditation, hypnotism, and natural supplements are sometimes used in an effort to reach a state of positive thinking. While the jury is out on how to reach a calm state of being, and whether it is proven to help in medical treatment, striving to be a positive person definitely cannot hurt. In the worst case, one will see no proven medical results, but will have become a happier person who is has more inner peace.

Positive Thinking And The Placebo Effect

While there is a difficulty in proving the power of positive thinking as a means of prevention, there is one area where studies have shown concrete proof of the power of the mind in healing. This is the placebo effect.

A placebo is a sugar pill prescribed by doctors that contains no healing powers, but patients saw concrete and traceable medical improvement after taking placebo pills. The only explanation to this is the power of the mind in healing. Dr. Rankin reports that her research has shown remarkable recovery among patients from the placebo effect. Balding men have grown hair, Parkinson’s patients have improved, the passages in the lungs have dilated in cases of asthma, and other measurable medical healing has taken place as a result of the placebo effect.

 According to Dr. Deepak Chopra, an average of 30% of patients respond positively to the placebo effect. However, patients can’t do this to themselves. Without a Doctor prescribing the pill, patients see it as just a useless sugar pill, and taking it does not affect the healing process. However, Dr. Chopra and others believe that the power of the mind can affect how patients heal, even without fooling them.