A quarter of us are feeling pressure on our relationships during ‘lockdown’.

New research commissioned by the leading relationships charity, Relate, has highlighted the impact lockdown measures are having on romantic relationships.

Almost a quarter of the survey’s respondents (23%) said the current circumstances are placing pressure on their relationship with their partner. More than one in eight (12%) of those who currently live with their partner agreed that staying at home is making them doubt their relationship.

The research found that irritation is an issue for couples: 27% of respondents said they were finding their partner irritating right now, with feelings of irritation more common among women here – 31% found their partner irritating compared to 22% of men.

Speaking about the research, Aidan Jones, Chief Executive of Relate, said:

“We always see a peak in people seeking relationship support after Christmas, when spending an unusually long time together brings issues to the surface. Add to that the current extended period of isolation, worries about job security, finances, how to juggle work with childcare and uncertainty about the future – and it’s clear why we’re expecting a post-lockdown relationship reckoning.”

“These findings reflect what our counsellors are seeing. People coming to us for support are saying that the COVID-19 pandemic and its repercussions are magnifying existing issues. Everyone’s trying their best to get through whilst stuck under one roof but that door won’t stay closed forever, which is why we’re urging anyone experiencing issues to get in touch now rather than letting things fester until things get irreparably bad,” he added.

It’s important to note this is not the case for everyone. The majority of the study’s respondents who have a partner (65%) said they feel supported by them and 43% of respondents who currently live with their partner said their experience of staying at home has bought them closer.

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