Are You Unhappy At Work?

Director of Action for Happiness, Mark Williamson, said: “Our individual attitudes and actions really do make a difference. Taking a more positive approach at work doesn’t just increase your own happiness, it affects those you work with too. And if you’re a business leader or line manager then you have a huge influence over how you make others feel. This isn’t some fluffy nonsense. We know that people work best when they feel good and that happier organisations outperform their peers.”

Did you know?

  • A recent survey found over half of UK employees are unhappy at work.
  • There is extensive evidence showing the health benefits of happiness. The evidence that positive emotions contribute to better health and longer life is stronger than that linking obesity to reduced longevity. Happy people are also significantly less likely to catch the cold virus than their less happy peers.
  • Happier organisations outperform their competitors.
  • Three important factors for satisfying work are: Mastery (doing work which is challenging but which you can manage successfully), Control (having enough discretion in how you do the job) and Purpose (the feeling that what you do is worthwhile and part of some wider whole).
  • Our happiness influences the people we work with and the people they know.