5 Reasons to Observe Family Traditions

Family traditions are things that families do together on a regular basis. These things can be patterns of behavior, enjoyable activities or a certain food that a family likes. They can be repeated daily, weekly, monthly or once a year. It is important for families to observe their traditions even as their children get older, here are five reasons why:

Family traditions create good feelings and special moments to remember. They are fun things to do. Enjoying this time together as a family will create positive emotions in each member. These are the memories that will last a lifetime.

Family traditions give every member of the family a stronger sense of belonging. Being a part of a family is more than living in the same home or having the same last name.

Family traditions help your child with his/her identity. It helps to know that you ‘belong’ when you are trying to figure out who you are, which is a main job of the adolescent.

Family traditions help parents impart the family’s values to their children. To start, you get more time to model your family values to your teen.

Family traditions offer your child a sense of security. Everyday your teen faces some very difficult issues. Knowing that he/she is secure and has a family to turn to is a powerful tool to use against negative peer pressure, drug use influences, etc.