Nurturing Our Relationships During The Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus outbreak is dramatically changing our lives, including our relationships with other people in our communities, our families, our homes and our workplaces.

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Millions of us have lost some or all of our normal ways of seeing others as we try to keep each other safe.

Many of us have also found ourselves spending far more time than we’re used to with those who share our homes, whether family, housemates or both – not to mention pets.

Both losing normal contact with people and being thrown into much closer contact than usual can feel stressful and it may be worrying, frightening or even unbearable.

A time for patience and understanding
At a time when we all face uncertainty and worry about coronavirus, such changes in our relationships are probably all the harder to cope with. So it’s worth trying to be extra patient and understanding, both with each other and also ourselves.

To do that, we need people around us and ourselves to be aware of how what we do can affect each other. Some of our relationships are likely to be strained – but for the good of our communities, we should stay at home through that.