We would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who took part in The Gobey Challenge – whether donating, cycling or lunching

An extract from my gratitude log the day of The Gobey Challenge;

“Saturday 18th April; what an amazing day. London to Cambridge bike ride 60miles. Only got 2hrs sleep and up by 430am to go with my good friend Simon (Ski) who came over from Turkey for the day – shows what this means. Very excited. The day unfolded…Our team running the day arrived at 6am – they ran the event so well and it made me very proud. We had such great fun. From 615am 50 riders arrived from all parts of the country. It was lovely to put so many names to faces – everyone so enthusiastic – especially for a 4am get up – it was fantastic to see. The weather was amazing. I gave Damian a hug at the start. He was a little choked, we both were. That made the day even more special. We didn’t need to say anything.

We split the 50 into 3 groups – slow, medium, fast. Being part of the organisers Paul & I took the lead / tail-end-charlie of the last group to make sure everyone OK. I am sure we had a totally different experience of  the 2 main groups  - mainly looking at Guy’s behind while he averaged 8mph on his mountain bike – it was great fun and allowed us to talk the whole 8hrs!!

The 160 generously greeted us all in at the Red Lion – a lovely moment to see families and friends. To see my little girls – made me think even more about Damian & Vics and Harry, and Darcy. Everyone was outside in the pub garden, children running around, drinks, laughter.

We got straight into the speeches. I said a few words of thanks to everyone and specially to Andrew, Jon and Paul – without them the event wouldn’t have been possible.

Vics then followed with thanks and you could see it meant so much – she has been so strong and stoic but you just know how tough it has been for them all, so it brought it home to everyone their journey.

They got a standing ovation. They presented the giant cheque to the Addenbrookes Hospital for £45,000 raised in just over 4 weeks. truly amazing.

And thats what its about really.

Us all being on their journey to show support and friendship and to know about them, harry and leukeamia so they can talk to all 160 of us if they want to.

We got lost on the way home – which was awesome.

bed by 830pm and slept the best ever.

That’s how I want to spend my life

We have a few weeks left collecting donations so please click here if you would like to. We are now over £50,000.00. Thank you truly to everyone

and have a look at pictures from the day on Instagram where you can see the view I had of Guy for 8hrs