Meaning – Dr Javid Abdelmoneim

Check out one of our amazing talks at the WondrAcademy by Dr Javid Abdelmoneim and Meaning.

Drawing on his experience as an emergency medicine registrar, humanitarian, television presenter, public speaker Dr Javid Abdelmoneim talks about the importance of having meaning and purpose in our lives and the difference it can make on what we do.

Dr Javid Abelmoneim’s prominence increased after BBC1 Panorama followed him working for with Medcins sans Frontieres for the Ebola outbreak. Born in Cambridge, England to Sudanese Iranian parents he went to medical school at UCL, graduating in 2003. Whilst undertaking specialist training in Emergency Medicine in London he has been in the field with Medecins sans Frontieres in Iraq, Haiti, Lebanon, South Sudan and most recently Sierra Leone. Javid is also a freelance reporter for the AlJazeera English show The Cure, recording the fourth series later this year. The show focuses on innovative solutions to health problems around the world.