Why Wondrlust?

First we need to explain in the first sentence of our first Blog that (i) we have never written a Blog before (ii) we are pretty illiterate – so if you are looking for some well written prose I wouldn’t spend too much more of your valuable time here :)

This Blog will be an honest weekly appraisal of how we as a company, and individuals within that company, are doing living by a philosophy that – happiness will lead to success v’s success leads to happiness. So we are restructuring our organisation from inside out - from its purpose, values & philosophy, to how we go about our day to day working life, living the 7 habits (or not), the products we sell, the service we give to our customers etc.

So if you are looking for a bit of a laugh, and you never know possibly a bit of insight, then have a browse at our weekly Blog that will show you the trials and tribulations of a business restructure. We will let you know how we go each week. We will be open about how the company is feeling (we have a mood-tracker!), how people feel about what we are doing, and whether we are having success.

And that really is the point. Will all this lead to success., and what will success look like?

The proof of the pudding is in the eating….