Try It Out

  1. Touch your index finger and thumb together.

  2. Explore your thumb with the tip of your index finger. What do you notice? Roughness? Smoothness? Heat? Coolness? Dryness? Are there thoughts, memories that arise as you continue to explore your thumb?

  3. Now explore your index finger with your thumb. Is it the same? Rougher? Smoother? Hotter? Cooler? Drier? New thoughts or memories?


  • Did you notice how your attention shifted with each exploration?
  • Were you curious and engaged in trying out the above exercise?
  • Did you notice how you dropped beneath the concept of “thumb” and “index finger” into the immediate moment-to-moment felt-experience of these parts of your body?

This simple exercise demonstrates the skills of intending, then placing your attention on the thumb or finger (or anything else) while cultivating a curious, engaged, and non-judgmental relationship to what you’re noticing. With regular practice, you can develop these skills of intention, attention, and a non-judgmental attitude that will lead to deeper and deeper levels of understanding.