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“Life is Short. Do work that really matters to you”

“Six and a bit years ago Rob sent Dom an email that would change their lives, and hundreds of thousands of others”.

This is the opening line on the ‘Escape the City’ ‘About Us’ page – curious? CLICK HERE to visit the ‘Escape the City’ website for more information. The below is taken from the Escape the City website



Six months later they’d quit their corporate jobs and were beavering away in Rob’s basement looking for interesting jobs to populate their weekly Top 10 Opportunities email.

People loved it.

They were on to something.

Six years on and that email list now has well over a quarter of a million members.

But it’s only a tiny bit of what Escape does.

Back in 2010 escaping was a pretty fringe idea.

Today, thanks to advances in technology and shifts in attitudes, it’s becoming increasingly mainstream.

As the world around us has evolved, so have we.

We’ve become much more than an email for people looking to find more interesting jobs (although we still do that).

Today we’re a global community. A movement of people who believe what we always have – that life’s too short to do work that doesn’t matter to you. And that doing something different is possible.

It’s been an amazing journey, and we’ve got even bigger plans for the future.

Our new mission is to liberate one million people to do work they love. Not just find more fulfilling work but create it too.

Online and offline we’ve seen first hand the incredible power in connecting likeminded, motivated, passionate people.

Whether it’s a small step or a brave leap, we’ve learned that amazing outcomes and inspiring change is best achieved together.

So our new focus is to connect more people, build more Escape communities in more cities around the world and inspire them in exciting new ways.

We want our community to grow into a global movement.

Proving together that corporate drudgery is as outdated as the fax machine and that more meaningful careers are available to anyone, anywhere.

Yes we want to help people escape from unfulfilling work. But what fuels our fire is what we can help people escape to.

To freedom, passion, autonomy, fulfilment.

To more connected and more meaningful lives.

To 21st Century Careers, built on their terms, not someone else’s.

We’re doing it because we believe a million more people doing work they love will change the world.