Simple Ways To Grow A Relationship

Anyone who has been in a relationship longer than 12 months understands how easy it is to fall into a rut. Today I challenge you to take responsibility for the state of your partnership and use your power to create excitement, joy and happiness that will last forever.

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The following are 10 simple and powerful ways to grow a relationship:

1. Give up the need to be right. My husband leaves his shoes everywhere, under the coffee table, under the kitchen table, in the entryway etc. I spent the first years of our marriage trying to get him to pick up them up. It didn’t work. In an enlightened moment I decided to pick up his shoes without complaining and resentment. Soon I found myself happily taking care of his shoes and grateful for the opportunity!

2. Take an interest in what interests them. My husband loves to golf and watch all sports on television. I had no interest in sports. Eventually I realised how much he did for me and with me. One day I decided to take golfing lessons and watch sports with him

3. Learn to be playful and plan fun. Learn to lighten up. Choose to have a light hearted and playful attitude. Plan something you both enjoy. Go away for a weekend once a season. Life is difficult. Learn to enjoy it anyway!

4. Practice gratitude. Don’t take your partner for granted. Keep a journal of the loving deeds your partner does. Practice gratitude together while riding in the car or taking a walk. One person states what they are grateful for and the other follows. Continue taking turns until you’ve exhausted every possibility. Your relationship will thrive.

5. Catch your partner doing good. Praise each other. Say thank you at least once a day! Focus on what’s right and good and your love for each other will expand.