Lets Talk

Went to a really interesting talk by Alicia Drummond. Alicia runs a number of workshops – I went to one run by my child’s school, and she was very engaging. and brings together many of the learning’s in positive psychology into the relationships between parents and children. and as we have all been children this is interesting for everyone. She writes;

Juggling work and home life can be really challenging for parents. If things are not going smoothly at home it will soon have an impact on their ability to do their job well.

We believe that companies who support their working parents reap the rewards in terms of staff loyalty, retention, performance and motivation. We work with parents to help them improve the balance between their work and home lives. We teach strategies that lead to a less stressed home life which gives parents greater confidence and freedom to get on with their day job.

We offer one to one parent coaching or we can bring the “Let’s Talk Teens Workshop” to your office.