How To Live Your Life’s Purpose

Everyone has a purpose in life, and within that purpose lays a unique talent just waiting to be expressed and shared with the world. If you’ve ever witnessed someone living their life’s purpose, it’s inspiring to see—they exude happiness. Having the same experience for yourself is pure bliss. If you haven’t found your purpose, that’s okay, you will. After all, it’s your birthright.

Some people have a clear vision of their purpose early on in life—it’s as if the path was laid out for them and they simply had to take the first step. For others, the vision is unclear and the path elusive. Even those who seem to know the way have, at one time or another, asked themselves the same question you ask yourself: Is this the life I was meant to live?

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1. Pay Attention

When you pay attention, you become an active participant in your life. You start to notice the things that make you happy and it’s easier to reject the things that don’t. Think back to all the times you’ve felt fulfilled in life. This could go as far back to when you were a child. Then ask yourself these questions:

  • What were you doing?
  • Who were you with?
  • What emotions were you feeling?
  • Did you have moments when you lost track of time because you were doing something you loved?

Then, use your relationships to help you identify your gifts. Take cues from what your friends, family, and co-workers have said or currently say regarding your skills and talents. When you hear the same thing several times from different people that may indicate a talent you’ve overlooked. If you can recognize the common themes in your life, you’ll be able to access vital information that will help guide you toward finding your purpose.

2. Change the Question

Instead of asking, “What is my purpose?” try asking, “Who is the person I am trying to become?” Changing the question can help shift your perspective and open yourself up to an abundance of creative ideas and fulfilling experiences you may have never thought possible.

The truth is you’ve had glimpses of this person throughout your life—just take a look at the common themes you’ve identified. Use the themes from your life and begin to visualize yourself as this person who’s been trying to manifest. You might see yourself as a travel writer, or a teacher inspiring young minds, or as an entrepreneur starting that business you’ve always wanted. What do you look like when you’re doing this? Are you happy, content, vibrant, and surrounded by like-minded people? Don’t hold back. When you see yourself as this person and it’s in alignment with your soul’s purpose, you will feel the “rightness” of it in every fiber of your being.

3. Take Time for Stillness

You are in a world of constant stimulation and busyness, and it can be hard to quiet the turbulence of your thoughts in order to see the clear picture. Cultivating stillness and silence is a powerful way to restore your balance and energy. Figure out what stillness means for you. It could be taking a walk along the beach, gardening, journaling, exercising, or meditating. Whatever practice you prefer, it’s important to access stillness every day, even if just for a few minutes. Tapping into stillness creates inner clarity and expanded awareness that will help you discover yourself with greater ease and understanding.