How to Become a Positive Thinker

Train Your Brain to Think Happy Thoughts

Here are some tips from experts on how to give yourself an upbeat mental makeover.
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Put the right songs on your iPod.

Studies show that you can improve your mood and overall happiness over the long term simply by listening to upbeat, major-key music for just two weeks.

When you have a positive experience, let yourself feel good.

Neuropsychologist and author Rick Hanson notes that in order to think more positively, it’s important to imprint positive experiences in your brain. When something turns out well, stop and savour the moment. “Hey, this is an opportunity to feel good,” he reminds us. “Don’t leave money on the table: Recognise that this is an opportunity to let yourself truly feel good.”

Fight the urge to have negative thoughts.

Susan Reynolds, a science journalist and co-author of the book Train your Brain to Get Happy, says that you can consciously interrupt gloomy urges. “Start by thinking happy thoughts, looking on the bright side, and refocusing your brain when negative thoughts occur.”