Films Worth their Weight In Gold

Take a look at some of our favourite films that will inspire you to question whats important…

It’s A Wonderful Life
Director: Frank Capra
Year: 1946
An angel helps a well meaning but frustrated businessman by showing what life would have been like if he never existed. It may be old, but this movie name still popped up more often than just about any other. A staple in American culture of learning to accept the joyful things in our lives and not allowing ourselves to be mired down in the details.

Motorcycle Diaries
Director: Walter Salles
Year: 2004
In Short: Change yourself before you change the world. Traveling by motorcycle introduces Che Guevara to his life calling. We know what happens after that.

Director: John Carney
Year: 2006
In A Question: How do you find the right person?

A modern-day musical about a busker and an immigrant and their eventful week in Dublin, as they write, rehearse and record songs that tell their love story.


Co-directors: Pete Doctor and Bob Peterson

Year: 2009
In short: Often adventure has nothing to do with travel at all.

When Carl Fredricksen’s wife of 70 years dies, he’s left with an empty house and a dream of traveling to South America unfulfilled. So he ties an enormous bunch of balloons to his chimney and lifts off.


Director: Jean Pierre-Jeunet
Year: 2001
In One Sentence: One person can change your life forever.

Amelie, a naive country girl living in Monmarte, Paris decides to find justice for those around her. She reunites an old man with a childhood toy, sends a gnome on a round-the-world trip and and meets Nino Camcompoix, a boy working in a porn shop who loves finding photos left behind in photo booths. Quirky meets quirky is meant to be.