Build A Real Social Network

Strategies for building a real social network:

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1.   Unplug: Turn off your computer, put down your iPhone, step away from your iPad, and take time to engage with people, in person, with face-to-face communication. A night at home with 500 of your FB friends can never compare with an evening out with five friends, or even one friend. If you can’t connect face-to-face at least switch off the computer and pick up the phone for a meaningful conversation, rather than a series of cryptic texts or tweets.  Fifty text messages over a day can never compare with just five minutes of open, caring and honest conversation.

2.   Become a better listener: Too often we talk to much and listen too little. Learn to listen well and be okay with yours and others stumbles. We can’t edit real conversation and we don’t want to. It’s when we hesitate, stumble on our words or simply find ourselves sitting in silence without any words that we reveal ourselves to others and connect most deeply. As I’ve said before we connect to others through our vulnerabilities, not through our brilliance.

3.   Engage in your community: Get involved in your local community or neighborhood. Join the local tennis club, or volunteer to help clean up the local park or spend some helping at a local service organisation.

4.   Practice Conversation: If you are out of practice at meeting people take small steps. Make the most of all chances for social contact, whether it’s speaking to the local greengrocer or responding to a fellow bus passenger who strikes up a conversation. For some people, just making eye contact can be difficult. So it may be that you have to begin with just that.