Are YOU Living Life To The Full?

Only one in five have enough excitement… and the rest of us should skydive and swim with sharks for starters!

  • Survey announces the 39 ultimate life-fulfilling experiences
  • 44 per cent of those questioned claim to be adventurous
  • Life goals include a skydive, swimming with sharks and getting a tattoo
  • But money, confidence and time getting in the way of our adventures

Only one in five Brits believe they are really living life to the full, according to a new study. To see the full article click here.

After examining the lifestyles and aspirations of almost 2,000 British adults, the survey announced the 39 ultimate life-fulfilling experiences, which include flying on a private jet and partying on a super yacht.

Ultimate Guide To Living Life To The Full – How Many Have You Done?

1. Get married in Vegas
2. Dive with sharks
3. Surf in Hawaii
4. Travel on a private jet
5. Date a model
6. Gamble in Monte Carlo
7. Party on a super yacht
8. Do a skydive
9. Climb Mount Everest
10. Have an illicit affair
11. Do a bungee jump
12. Join an expedition across the Antarctic
13. Attend a red carpet event
14. Go white water rafting
15. Walk along the Great Wall of China
16. Have a luxury holiday in the Maldives
17. Get a hole in one in golf
18. Own your own company
19. Fly a helicopter
20. Be at the last day of The Ashes
21. Scuba dive off the Great Barrier Reef
22. Drive across America on Route 66
23. Be an extra in a film
24. Get a tattoo
25. Learn a foreign language
26. Go to the Super Bowl
27. Learn to fly a plane
28. Get tickets to the World Cup final
29. Ride in a speedboat
30. Travel into space
31. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge
32. Go on the top of the Empire State Building
33. Take on an extreme physical challenge
34. Learn to ski/snowboard
35. Learn how to survive in the wild/learn bush craft
36. Skinny dipping in the ocean
37. Fly a glider
38. Make an “intimate” home movie
39. Compete in a Tough Mudder