New Year Resolution To Make Your Workplace Happier

Many people going back to work will be feeling miserable. The holidays are over, predictions of more economic turmoil abound, and many people will be returning to jobs that they don’t enjoy at the best of times.

Today Action for Happiness is proposing a New Year ‘resolution’ with a difference. Rather than going back to work feeling fed up, people are being asked to commit to make their workplace a happier one – and to encourage their employers and colleagues to do the same.

The leaders and line managers in an organisation have the biggest influence on whether or not it’s a happy place to work. But there are lots of simple, day-to-day things that all employees can do to make a difference.

5 actions for leaders and line managers:

Trust people – give them freedom within guidelines
Help people see why what they do matters
Give regular encouragement, praise and thanks
Help people find and play to their strengths
Encourage a healthy balance between work and life

5 general actions for a happier workplace:

Stop to say hello to colleagues and get to know them better
Find ways to make working together more fun and sociable
Make a habit of noting good things that happen each day
Change something that’s making you or colleagues unhappy
Go out of your way to support others and help them feel good