7 Ways To Look On The Bright Side & Be More Positive

Here are seven ways to help you look on the bright side if you’re going through a tough time or are prone to anxiety or negative thoughts.


1. Rid Yourself Of Negative Thinkers

Distance yourself from people who bring negativity into your life

No one is perfect — and perfection isn’t the goal when it comes to positivity — but there were people in my life who are consistently negative


2. Share Positivity With Others

Treat others with positivity in order to feel positive yourself. “Be nice to other people, no matter what. Tell someone s/he looks nice today. Tell someone s/he did a great job on that presentation. Send flowers. Write notes. Don’t gossip. Be kind to all living things.


3. Search For The Silver Lining

According to Mental Health America, a nonprofit devoted to mental health issues, looking for the positives in a negative situation can actually completely change your perspective on the situation at hand.


4. Practice Gratitude

Mental Health America also strongly recommended practicing gratitude each and every day, and noted that “Noticing and appreciating the positives in our lives offers a great mood boost.” They suggested writing and sending a letter to someone who you are grateful for in your life, or writing down “anything large or small that makes you smile, including terrific achievements, touching moments and great relationships.”


5. Separate Fact From Fiction

It is important to separate fact from fiction when thinking about negative aspects of our lives. He recommend writing down exactly what you’re thinking in order to evaluate its veracity.


6. Pick A Positive Thought

Picking a positive thought to focus on when the negative thoughts are getting you down, enables you to switch gears away from the negative. In these moments, think about your day and identify one positive thing that happened, no matter how small. If you can’t think of something from the current day, reflect on the previous day or even the previous week.


7. Move More

There is a ton of research that links daily exercise to improved mood and lower rates of depression.