7 Steps to Inspirational Conversations And More Fulfilling Relationships

Develop the ability to listen and engage with others in more meaningful ways.

Creating meaningful conversations with others is a powerful skill in today’s society. With the rise of emotional intelligence in business, people are starting to note the significance of genuine human connection, and the ability to be attuned to the feelings of others.

Here are seven ways to have better conversations. To read in more detail go to: Inc.com

1. Ask questions about a person’s interests, not what they do.

2. Ask questions about a person’s relationships, not about their partner.

3. Ask questions about a person’s short term and long term goals, instead of their current job.

4. Share your experience of being with them in this moment.

5. Give compliments and share what’s on your mind, even if it’s not planned out.

6. Listen for key words and phrases that invite further questions.

7. Be attentive to other people’s feelings rather than the content of their speech.
Developing these skills will improve your connection to others, facilitate more meaningful relationships, and learn from every single person you meet–an invaluable skill in today’s society