7 One Minute Tricks

If your day is taking a turn for the worse and you need to stop the downward slide, then you don’t want to add to the stress by eating up your valuable time.

But often, you can easily break out of a sudden funk without investing a ton of time. You just need a few quick tips and tricks — so check them out below.

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1. Count your blessings. Grab a piece of paper and write down a list of everything good in your life!

2. Go for some chocolate! If things are seeming bleak and you can’t get out of the doldrums, grab the chocolate bar! Science has shown that chocolate is a natural mood enhancer.

3. Think of a loved one. Think about someone who brings a smile to your face :)

4. Say a quick affirmation. Don’t be down on yourself, boost your mood by reminding yourself how smart you are.

5. Do a 45 second meditation. Being overwhelmed with too much distraction can snap your energy and drop you mood. Lean back, close your eyes, drop your shoulders, and focus on your breathing for 45 seconds!

6. Make a short thank you list. List at least 5 people that did something nice for your in the last few days, make a point to send them a note or give them a call.

7. Have a 30 second dance party. If the mood drops, shout “30 second dance party” and have a boogie, it will help you smile and others around you.