5 Ways to Get More Art into Your Life

Five super simple ways to get more art into our lives.

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Cultivate a taste for beauty. As with so much in life, making room for art starts with intention. Take time to notice beauty. When we hear or see something stirring, we should comment on it to deepen the impression. Talk about it with someone close to you. Share it if possible. However you approach it, make it a priority.

Set art-related goals. How many of last year’s Academy Award-winning movies have you seen? How many of the great novels like The Brothers Karamazov or Moby Dick have you read? Make some lists of artistic works you want to experience and then get a plan to do so. Planning is the first step to doing.

Revisit your childhood hobbies or interests. What if you can’t think of any types of art you want to pursue? Go back to those things that got you excited as a teenager—possibly the same time that part of you got shut down. Did you draw, write, paint, or play an instrument? Even if you don’t go that direction now, it may open up doors for other kinds of art that work for you today.

Cook, garden, and build stuff. There is so much joy that comes from artfully preparing and sharing food, or successfully working a garden. Which leads to the final point…

Make some of your own. One reason Apple has thrived is that they have tapped the power of art. Their product design is engaging and compelling, definitely. But another major way they’ve tapped that power is by enabling their customers to be creatives. From movies to music to graphic design, Apple has led the way in helping people express their art.

If you want to really find joy, make space in your life to create things of beauty. Don’t merely consume—contribute, create, fashion, and share.