5 Introspective Action Steps To Help You Find Your Purpose In Life


Looking back at what you wanted to be when you grew up as a child can bring a lot of new ideas to table about what your purpose in life is. Why? Because as young kids, we weren’t concerned with what career we had to get to make the most money, or what society labels as “acceptable and respected careers.” We simply wanted to do what made us happy. I remember going through a phase where I wanted to do all these creative careers; fashion designer, shoe designer (I had even drawn out a few shoes I wanted to create haha), graphic designer, author, etc. I’ve always loved art, but at some point I steered off that path because I felt couldn’t go to an art school, and needed to go to “regular” university. Now, for me, this wasn’t necessarily a negative thing, because I went with my other passion in life; helping others. Thankfully, I’ve reignited my passion for creating things through running this blog so I’ve got the best of both words now!

Ask yourself:

If you could do anything without worrying about money, or fearing what people would think, what would you do?

What did you enjoy doing as a child?

What career paths did you consider taking, but chose not for whatever reason?


The main thing here is to be able to identify your strengths. Your strengths can point you in the right direction to finding your true passions and purpose. If you have absolutely no idea what you’re good at (honestly, you may not because unfortunately we’re so bombarded with negativity and criticism sometimes) start with taking this personality test HERE. I’ve mentioned this test in multiple blog posts already, but that’s because I truly believe in it! It’ll provide you with a list of strengths, and challenges so it’s the perfect start for increasing your self awareness. I promise you’ll be reading the assessment like “wow, that really is me!” (pssst: the assessment even lists “ideal careers” for your personality type which are totally worth exploring)

Ask yourself:

What are your strengths? Make a list

How can you use these strengths to improve the world around you/help others?

What have people told you that you’re good at?

How have you helped others around you?

What comes easy to you? What do you feel naturally good at?

What makes you happy in life? Make a list

What could you talk about for hours on end, and not even notice how much time has passed by?


Be mindful, and do your inner work. Sometimes we get stuck in the super busy “go, go go” cycle of life that there’s no time to sit and think about what our purpose in life is. Take a moment to look within you and just be still. Explore “inner work” activities such as journaling, meditating, praying, etc., and pay attention to what you learn from them.

Ask yourself:

What do you desire most in life?

What do you find yourself focusing on during journaling/meditating/praying/etc.?

If you had one wish in life, what would you wish for?

What inspires/motivates you?

What sets your soul on fire?


Visualizing your dream life can provide you with a lot of clarity about what your purpose is. In my opinion, designing a vision board is one of the best ways to do this. The process of designing a vision board sparks creativity, inspiration, and provides clarity on what you truly desire in life. It helps you get clear on your goals and what really matters to you. I think it’s particularly effective because it provides you with a visual of where you want to take your life.

Ask yourself:

What would you do with your life if you knew you would be successful?

Who do you admire? What about their life do you admire? How can you make that a reality in your own life?

What does your perfect “day in the life” look like? How would you want to spend your time?


It’s ok to switch things up every now and then and explore new things. For example, volunteer with an organization or agency that addresses a cause you’re passionate about. You can even find volunteer opportunities in fields that you’re just curious about and want to see if it’s for you. I volunteered at a pre-school when I was in college and let’s just say I found out that wasn’t really for me haha. I also volunteered in a psychology research lab on campus, a tutoring center, and now, my latest thing is I started this blog! Starting the blog really was a leap of faith on my end and doubted myself for a while before I moved forward with it. However, I’m so happy that I did because I discovered something else that I truly love doing that helps me make a positive impact on the world!

Ask yourself:

What’s one topic that you’d love to learn more about?

What’s one hobby/activity that you’ve been wanting to try?

How can you utilize either one of the above to make money/make an impact?

So are you ready to start your inner work yet? Remember, finding your purpose in life is a process. It’s not something that’s going to just hit you in the face right after you complete these exercises. Use the “ask yourself” questions in this post as journaling prompts to help get you moving in the right direction. Get inspired, get creative, and remember, be mindful.