3 Simple Steps to Be a Better Parent

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There are 3 tips and you can see them all by clicking here but I am just going to focus on 1 of those tips that you can try the next time you see you children:

Take 5

Time to wake up, time to brush your teeth, time to … go to school, soccer practice, bed. We are always doing something! Even our free time has been gulped up by techie gadgets. Why not steal from the time that you spend “doing” things and gift it to your children by “being” with them? How? Take 5!

Yes, every day take 5 minutes with your child to do nothing—no-thing! Hang out with absolutely no agenda. Hold hands, put your arm around your child, or just sit next to each other. Nothing is more important than giving our kids the gift of truly “free” time. Taking 5 lets your children know that you are always there for them.